Movies by Tatiana Skorlupkina& Fedor Sever

One-man band

Tatiana Skorlupkina – first a musician by training, then an artist. 
Tatiana held many personal art exhibits of her works 
both in Russia and in many other countries. 
Participant and winner of international film festivals. 
Her films: "VISITOR", "Living Pictures", "Bunny, Getting to know Dad" included in the training program "Directing Film and Television" (MOSCOW CITY. Psychological and Pedagogical University) 
Tatiana always develops and launches the most unusual “bold” projects. 
She is known as a creator of films where she realizes her vision
from start till the very end – she is a script-writer,
a director, an artist, an animator, an editor, a special effects person.
Tatiana always uses her own scripts and often writes her own music for her films. 
Tatiana is also a well-renowned short-stories writer
and art-projects developer (she is known for that under pseudonym of Fedor Sever).
Graduated from Glazunov Music Conservatory in Petrozavodsk and 
the Faculty of Arts and Graphics of Saint-Petersburg Herzen Academy.

Member of Artists’ Union of Russia.

2008    “Blue tales”  Film 1 “Blue Lamp” - animation

2011  Art – project “Face 2 Face”  - 5 short films for 19 international
exibition “Geniuses and Masterpieces” in Exibition Hall, Saint – Petersburg 14min

2012 «Living Pictures by Tatiana Skorlupkina» animation. 

2012 - 2013  Short film “Visitor” mix :  video-animation,  awarded  

2013  Short film “Bunny, Getting to Know Dad”  mix:  video-animation. awarded

2016 - "The Tale of a Donkey" - animation, awarded  

2016 -"P" animation. awarded    

2016 - "Abstract Painting"  - animation    

 2017 – «Dachshund dog» - mix-media

2018 film project "The Play. A Solo for Tuba and Fish"
comedy, absurdity, mime, clowning, video, animation

A Selection of her Awards and Accolades

2011 – Master of Film Award at the 19th International Master Class Arts Festival, awarded by the Committee on Culture of the Russian State Duma, the Russian Academy of Arts, and the Administration of St. Petersburg. (Face 2 Face art video project)

2012 – Lotus Flower Award for Best P.A.V. (Praticas Artisticas em Video) Film, Festival ArtDeco de Cinema, São Paulo, Brasil. (Living Pictures animated feature)

2013 – Best Animated Feature at the 19th Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona, Arizona, USA. (Bunny, Getting to Know Dad animated short)

2013 – Official selection of the 24th Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr. Shorts Competition. Bunny, Getting to Know Dad.

2014 – Special Jury Award at the 10th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, New York, USA. (Bunny, Getting to Know Dad)

2015 – Best Animated Feature Award at Cinevana Hollywood, USA, 2015. ( Living Pictures)

2015 – Official selection of the Best of Fest Children's СFFS 2015 Around The World programme, Seattle, USA. (Visitor)

2016 – Official selection of the Best of Fest Children's СFFS 2016 Around The World programme, Seattle, USA.

2016 - "Awesome Alliteration Award" - Bad Film Fest New York City, USA, April, 2016 (Film P)

Tatiana’s three films, Living Pictures, Visitor, and Bunny, Getting to Know Dad, were added to the Multimedia Director curriculum of the Faculty of Information Technology, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.http://www.skorlupka.ru/              

http://www.fedorsever.ru/               http://filmskorlupka.com/