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A very strict powerful father provides an oppressive environment for the daughter he raises alone. His little girl needs to hide her moments of dreaming and imagination. One days he finds a mysterious key and discovers a secret. Perhaps her father is not just an overbearing businessman, perhaps he finds time to be a child himself!


Relationships between fathers and their children is an endless and hugely variable theme. In a seemingly happy family, a mother is missing; in order to follow her dreams, she has abandoned her 12-year-old daughter and businessman husband. The father, having had enough of his wife’s flippancy, has decided to make his daughter the exact opposite of her mother. He therefore forces her to learn dance, music, etc. round-the-clock. In the morning on the first day of school holidays, as usual, he leaves her a list of things to do, gently tucks her in and removes a toy bunny from under her pillow. The toy was a present from a rather daring young biker. The father is categorically against his daughter’s first love as he sees it as a major threat to her studies. As for himself, he leads an extremely busy life; every day he leaves the house to take charge of a huge number of employees. In his leisure time, he allows himself to secretly relax in an attic room that is completely out of bounds for his daughter. In there, he exists in a parallel universe that nobody would suspect in a successful businessman. In there, he has toy cars, railways and planes, paints and brushes, collections of vintage wines and cigars, a frying pan for his favourite eggs sunny-side-up and other quiet joys of life. That is where he brings the toy bunny feeling obviously jealous of that mysterious and strong young man.

            When the girl wakes up that morning, she finds the usual list of daily tasks on her bedside table but realizes that her toy has gone missing from under her pillow. Despite her father’s strictness, she enjoys making a spectacle out of any chore. She is still a child, only 12 years old, but her rapidly growing and changing body constantly raises more and more grown-up questions. She examines herself, often making comparisons with her beautiful mother. She wants to be like her and, in her father’s words, to ‘always fly up in the clouds’. Her dreams and amusements are only interrupted by an invisible presence of her strict father; she always feels him constantly checking whether she is playing the right piece of music, eating the strictly prohibited ice cream, brushing her teeth properly, or trying on clothes instead of doing dance practice. 

            While checking her chores against the list, the girl makes a paper plane out of her father’s note (almost out of spite) and lets it fly all around the huge house. All of a sudden, it lands on a rug by the attic door. On the rug, she sees a key that her father always wears around his neck; he must have accidentally dropped it!

            After a moment’s hesitation, the girl takes the key and lets herself into her father’s attic room. She enters with caution and sees a room full of toy cars and other amazing things, her bunny amongst them. Amazed, she starts exploring the attic; a spectacle unfolds in her imagination where her father is playing, dancing, singing and painting dressed in a fluffy gown and slightly tipsy. He would play with drumsticks on wine bottles as if they were a metallophone, or make a pile-up of toy cars on a rug to imitate a road accident, or make buzzing sounds while sending a toy plane into tragic spirals. He would savour his cigar sending rings of smoke to the ceiling, or feed fried eggs to a magic luminescent cat, or painstakingly draw the plush toy bunny that he confiscated from his daughter… The girl is shocked! She suddenly discovers her father’s world whose existence she never suspected. It turns out her father can also laugh, amuse and make fool of himself!! The girl realizes that her intelligent, powerful and strict father could be weak and vulnerable like a secret big child whom she loves very much.

            Meanwhile at his office, having done his share of leadership for the day, the father notices that the attic key is missing from the cord around his neck. Fearing the worst, he rushes home and discovers the attic open. He enters his room and sees dozens of paper planes suspended from the ceiling; they are all made of his daily instructions to his daughter.

It dawns on him that his daughter has not only discovered his secret world but has also forgiven him. He goes downstairs to her bedroom bringing his toy plane. The girl is already fast asleep with her beloved bunny next to her. The father lands his plane on her bedside table where he would put her list of daily tasks every morning. He then stands there for a long time watching his precious, clever child who has suddenly become so much closer.

            The film is rich in music and animation that vividly illustrate the girl’s imagination and her fairy tale dreams.